Competition Fields & Process

The Competition
  • The competition focus on the design of Primordial Algorithms.
  • The best algorithms for every category, subcategory, will receive prizes every season (Announced every solstice or equinox), for as long the game is active.
  • Players can take all the time they wish to complete their algorithms and promote their work, educate their CGEs (Time lines). Then request an evaluation.
  • Every season special prizes will be announced, valid for one or more seasons.
  • The Primordial Algorithm Category Zero, for a basic field of application can be completed in 81 days including training, tests and CGE education.
  • The competition will be developed simultaneously at a variety of fields.
  • The overall result of the player performance will give the final points to the player.

Players may play at the number of fields they prefer, at least in one field, for example:

  • Golden Guild Theta
  • Matrix-Q Test
  • Primordial Algorithm Design ( Child, Matrix, Primordial CGEs)
  • Test-Training Tasks
  • PTT Standard Assessment & Certification
  • Training Programs (paid, self-education, volunteer/internship trainings)

If a player participates in more than one field, the number of points will increase through a Matrix-Bonus: which prizes players with capability of Matrix Playing.

For example, a player may engage into a training program, qualify for a PTT User Certificate, have completed a Matrix-Q Test, Test-Train new skills by developing an algorithm for a field of research of the LDMF Foundation, has become member of the PTT Guild, and as well developed a primordial algorithm within the chosen player category.

Competition Process

  • The competition starts as soon as the player has been registered.
  • Players do create reports and updates of progress into a diary of playing (Sleipnir Diary, a PTT Tool).
  • When the player is ready may ask for an evaluation of the primordial algorithm created.
  • According to the evaluation results, and length of time the player needed for the algorithm design, points will be given.
  • According to the points levels given, the player may publish updates in their player time line/page.
  • According to points, in general competition and test-training tasks, prizes will be given.


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