Players List

A public list of players will be available on this website.

  • Their date of register, points status, play category updates will be shared.
  • For those players that have presented a primordial algorithm for evaluation, according to the evaluation results and only of the necessary level of points have been reached, brief details on the algorithm developed will be published.
  • Players with sponsors will be able to utilize their own page for a sponsor banner. (There are several sponsors categories: basic – banner at player page; advanced: banners at more locations of the site)
  • Players may have more than one avatar, utilized for the LARP game: The Primordial Algorithm. The list of avatars will be also included at the player page.
  • Updates will be made every solstice and equinox.
  • Affiliation of players will be as well listed, for example if members of the PTT Guild, Research Gate, LDMF Foundation Volunteers/Interns/Projects.

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