Register & Participation Fees

The Primordial Algorithm Game has three aims:

  • Promote the use of Primordial Algorithms, of holistic, humanist, visionary and futurist nature (PTT Standard & Guild of PTT Know How Users)
  • Technology innovation, know how development, solutions design (For Business incubation)
  • Funds for the development of LDMF Foundation Research and Technology Innovation Projects ( Register, Participation, Training fees, Sponsors, Collaborators)


Register and participation fees may be paid through one or more of the following modalities:

  • 09 Primordial Suns ( LDMF Foundation Inner Economy Tokkens/Currency, Trade System)
  • Points (Gained through completion of test-training tasks, volunteer/internship work, participation in gamified research projects as volunteer collaboration, self-study reports)
  • Eurasian Currencies (For example in Euros, Yens, Bitcoin, Property, Others)

Fees may vary according to player category, and service provided to the players.

For example, a player that wish to take a paid training program on PTT Tools, may be requested from a higher fee than a player that decides to take a self-study program for the same purpose.

The LDMF Foundation Economy

It has been gamified.


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