Primordial Algorithms Challenge: The Upgrade of Democracy

Primordial Algorithms Challenge:  The Upgrade of Democracy
Plus points and special prizes will be given to the competitors (Primordial Algorithms Developers)
For The Upgrade of Democracy
One of the challenges of the Primordial Algorithms Game will be the  Creation of an Algorithm for the purpose of study of the Deficiencies and Potential of Democracy As Social Management Tool. Means the Upgrade of Democracy.
Who would like to join this team ?
The LDMF Foundation Research Project: Peace, Human Rights & Democracy.
The LDMF Foundation will support a team dedicated to the creation of an algorithm that will serve to the assessment of deficiencies and potential of democracy and accordingly suggest an upgrade of Democracy, according to 9 Levels of Impact and 09 fields in which democracy can be perceived (see details below).
The 09 Levels of Impact/Strategic Risk Management
  • 0. Natural condition of an individual or cluster/collective of individuals
  • 1. Individual/Personal skills, capacity, performance
  • 2. Binomial Team capacity, skills, performance
  • 3. Polynomial team capacity, skills, performance, a team of 3 or more team members
  • 4. Organization, change management
  • 5. Location sustainable development, culture development, network
  • 6. Regional or selected locations sustainable development (3+ of them)
  • 7. Multicultural, multilocation development
  • 8. Global Sustainable Development
  • 9. Global Culture Development, Global Civilization Development
  • 9+


I am certain the assessment process, analysis, and conclusions, will serve all democratic and non democratic countries  in their sustainable development, governance practices and solution of social issues through strategic social management, collective participation and leadership; but as well will be a collaboration to be utilized world wide.
The questions and publications below listed have been suggested to collaborators of a joint research project on “Latin-America Development, Democracy & Social Issues” while can be extended to any geo-location and culture around the world.
The design of a Primordial Algorithms for multidisciplinary social studies, would be a wonderful achievement.
The design of a primordial algorithm will be possible after completing the research of the issue to be solved, and defining a question or task, the algorithm must solve. For the first stages, the questions and publications/studies i have suggested below,would be the starting point.
Where do we start?
We will use a case study in order to give context to this challenge:  we will take Latin-America. Players may focus on a particular country or essentially work on democracy beyond cultural, historical limitations. It is upto the player the focus/context utilized
  • Which are the questions that these publications wish to answer?
  • Which are the sustainable development needs of Latin America, considering a potential development process of 270 years ?
  • Latin American cultures original strategic social management methods/algorithms, and their compatibility with democracy. (historical references)
  • 09 levels of Impact of Democracy ( PTT Assessment, 09 Levels Risk Management)
  • Sustainable development achievements of Latin-America according to the Systemic Perception Tool “the 09 Elements and the heart” utilized for the organization of human, natural and artificial phenomena, for the purpose of conscious and objective management of the subconscious and subjective self.
  • Democracy as a tool for the implementation of human rights care instruments to be utilized in the daily life of a citizen.
  • Democracy and peace sustainability.
  • Democracy and Sustainable Wealth Generation ability of a nation/culture.
  • Additional topics will be integrated into the project along its development.




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