Participation Conditions

A primordial algorithm is a strategy, a plan, designed to solve a challenge by utilizing Matrix-Q Intelligence, PTT, PSL, PSPL, Primordial Math, CGE Theta & CYPHER Theta.
A primordial algorithm must be designed by an individual: a person could be natural person or legal person, like a company, organization, or not for profit. As well an individual is considered an A.I., a bio-A.I., a collective : team, family, community, or a culture (a collective that represents a culture must have a CGE active in the collective)
.Matrix-Q Intelligence, how to design solutions by applying many perspectives simultaneously.
.PTT Primordial Technology Theta, Tools designed by the study of nature laws, principles, rhythms, cycles, the human potential (human factor) and ancient cultures and civilizations technology; with a humanist, futurist and visionary approach.
.PSL Primordial Symbolic Language, a symbolic language based on nature principles, laws, rhythms and knowledge of the human potential.
.PSPL Primordial Symbolic Programming Language; A programing language that utilizes PSL
.Primordial Vectorial Mathematics, which utilizes cyphers for the representation, organization and operation with natural, artificial and human phenomena.
.CGE THETA: Culture Generation Engine, which is able to design, induce, generate perception, judgement of value, behavior, strategic thinking, costumes, emotional intelligence, time awareness, meanings, in individuals and collective, generate time lines and events in history which represents a culture.
.CYPHER THETA: It is a cypher, an engine that helps encoding and decoding of natural, artificial and human phenomena based on DNA Algorithm.