Playing Process

The Competition
  • The competition focus on the design of Primordial Algorithms. (More about the competition)
  • The best algorithms for every category, subcategory, will receive prizes every season (Announced every solstice or equinox), for as long the game is active.
  • Players can take all the time they wish to complete their algorithms and promote their work, educate their CGEs (Time lines). Then request an evaluation.
  • Every season special prizes will be announced, valid for one or more seasons.
  • The Primordial Algorithm Category Zero, for a basic field of application can be completed in 81 days including training, tests and CGE education.
Playing Process
  • .Choose your starting category, apply and complete register process.
  • .Test / educate your CGE, Cypher and Algorithm with the challenges suggested.
  • .Advance your Matrix-Q: Approach a challenge, design a solution from many perspectives simultaneously
  • .Earn points, claim prizes, reach an advanced rank.
  • .Get a sponsor or let the LDMF Foundation Sponsor you.
  • .Upgrade player category.
  • .Design solutions, create technology, implement multidisciplinary applications.
  • .Incubate your business in our platform.
  • .Network with primordial algorithms creators.