Study Circles

Study circles focus on collaborative learning of PTT Tools necessary for the design of Primordial Algorithms.

Meet ups are dedicated to:


  • Case Study  Review
  • Collaborative Self-Study ( By utilizing the self-study materials and training programs provided by the LDMF Foundation )
  • PTT Tools technical training (Provided by LDMF Foundation )
  • Forum, discussion.
  • Identification of challenges/problems to be solved by the design of primordial algorithms.
  • Multidisciplinary Collaboration


  • Study Circles commit to register collaboration process through media, blogs and private internal publications.
  • Reports of meet ups, progress and accomplishments.
  • All members of the study circle have a page profile in an online platform dedicated to the register of their activities and progress, forums, discussions and media.

Participation Conditions

  • Any of the following must apply:
    • To be a registered player of the Primordial Algorithm Game
    • To be a registered intern, volunteer or student of the LDMF Foundation
    • To be a member of the LDMF Foundation Guild
    • Apply with your local coordinator to
  • Only registered members are entitled to points, evaluation, prizes and training.
  • Only registered members can participate in the meet ups.
  • Fees: Study circles may ask for participation fees. Each study circle has a unique agreement with the LDMF Foundation, regarding compensation for the services of coaching, training and advice, provided for the achievement of their circle aims. Fees, trading, volunteer work, collaborative research achievements, may  be requested as for compensation according to case. Please contact your study circle coordinator for details.

Schedule & Project Management

  • Each Study Circle announces for every season its meetings and activities, goals, schedule. (Project Management), to the LDMF Foundation administration.

Points, Rank & Prizes

  • When a player participates in a study circle, receive additional points.
  • Evaluation of rank will consider participation in a study circle.
  • Prizes will be also given to the most productive study circles.


  • Thanks to the study circle/cluster collaborative study, primordial algorithms proposals, multidisciplinary applications of greater complexity level, advanced categories, will be suggested, supported and developed.
  • Collaboration & Competition between study circles will be promoted.

Study Circles Coordinators

  • The study circles have two coordinators.
  • One online coordinator, which monitor cloud activity and achievements of the study circle/cluster, and coherence with at location study circle coordinator. Is in charge of management of the online platform for the study circle, which is provided, hosted by the LDMF Foundation.
  • One coordinator at location, which is in charge of organizing venue, schedule, and meet up program for the participants.
  • Both coordinators are PTT Certified Users, and authorized by the LDMF Foundation for the study circle coordinator role.
  • How to become a study circle coordinator? CONTACT: with your request.



  • Location: The Netherlands, Rhenen
  • At Location Coordinator: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
  • Online Coordinator: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
  • Contact:

Region: ONLINE

There are no other official authorized study circles at the moment. All registered and authorized study circles are published in this page.

Join Study Circles that are PTT CERTIFIED

The LDMF Foundation takes no responsibility for the technical information given by third party. PTT Users, PTT Trainers, must be certified, trained and evaluated by the LDMF Foundation ( The LDMF Foundation is the only one authorized to provide PTT User Certification and Licenses and to evaluate the capacity of an individual, ability to apply or utilize the know how (Matrix-Q Intelligence test, 09 Levels of Impact and Strategic Risk Management Ability Test)

WARNING: For your own safety, avoid visit third party study circles. Exposure to Scams, Fraud, Blackmailing.