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The Primordial Algorithm Game

The Primordial Algorithms are the bridge between ancient civilizations, an advanced humanist global culture and a futurist visionary civilization.

A bridge created by the study of nature laws, principles, rhythms, cycles, the human potential (human factor), and futurist, humanist and visionary studies of ancient cultures and civilizations knowledge and technology.

As a player you may design solutions for peace, family, culture care, sustainable living, heritage, legacy, wealth generation, scientific research, education, technology innovation, self-management, leadership, strategic management, wealth generation and governance.

Find or create innovative fields of application for the Primordial Algorithms.

Become a winner, test your algorithm, and start up an innovative project. The LDMF Foundation will provide start up incubation services support to the winners and over 9 Million EUR in prizes.

Players will design primordial algorithms and participate in a competition.