50% Gift Certificate: “The 05 Pillars or Strategic Management” e-Training Program on “PTT Tools necessary for Primordial Algorithms Development”

  • Prize: Gift Certificate, 50% Discount
  • Product: e-Training @ Udemy
  • Available: from July 2017.
  • Product Description:

The e-learning program offers:

  • A review of Strategic Management & Skills necessary for its practice will be provided.
  • Along the course 05 Pillars for strategic management (Tools) will be facilitated.
  • The 05 Pillars, provide the foundation necessary for project management and business management.
  • The tools, as well, help their users develop Matrix-Q Intelligence skills (the ability to solve issues by approaching them from more than 3+ perspectives simultaneously).
  • Matrix Perception, Matrix Strategic Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Strategy Design, Decision Making are skills that play a key role in this course.
  • Strategic Management Utilize Algorithms.  Primordial Algorithms are sequences of steps necessary for the process of holistic solution making. The Methods utilized, and the skills to be trained, will help users design Primordial Algorithms, for strategic Management.
  • The Know How utilized for this training program is PTT (Primordial Technology Theta). PTT is an innovative know how that utilizes nature laws, principles, rhythms and cycles; it perceives nature as a reference for advanced strategic management;  it utilizes the knowledge of the human potential (human factor); as well creates a bridge between the knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations,  and modern global culture and civilizations. The PTT know how is holistic, humanist, futurist and visionary.